why us

Does your school application offer you real value for your money? Ours does and the Standard Edition is FREE!

Does your current provider offer support and training? We offer support to all our patrons and training to anyone at very reasonable rates.

Does your current provider issue regular updates? We do at least once a month for new requirements.

Can you quickly and easily import data from any source? Our advanced data import facilities allow you to do just that!

Can you design your report cards, invoices, statements, receipts, credit notes and purchase orders just the way you want them? Our software allows for full customization regarding all these items and others too!

Is your current school software a slow and insecure online application? Desktop apps are secure and fast!

Are you wasting a lot of time manually administering your school? Our software does all the hard work for you.

Does your school application have as many modules as we do? We have 41 in total and counting.

Can you create your own reports and mail-merged documents? With us you can. Simply choose what you want in your report or document and off you go!

Can you send out sms reminders and messages? Our SMS module is integrated throughout the system.

Does your current provider offer to host your school web site for free and pay for your domain renewals? We do for all our patrons.

Can you have your software in the language of your choice? We cater for 51 languages.

Does your current software offer the best of both worlds - a blazing fast secure PC application that sends data such as report cards, invoices and statements for students and parents to access online? Well, our does just that.