The Timetable Module allows one to set up the time slots of the various school periods. The meeting times of subject classes and sports, athletics, gymnastics and swimming teams can then be set up, allowing one to easily see who is doing what and when.

Set up the school time slots (the times that periods will occupy)
The school timetable (see who is doing what and when)
Subject class timetables
Sports team timetables
Athletics team timetables
Gymnastics team timetables
Swimming team timetables
Easy time slot allocation for a subject class or team
Individual timetables for students, teachers and coaches

School timetable

The student, staff, team, subject class timetables feed from the school timetable. Linking all timetables to the main layout and generic timetable activities.

Shifts, events and time slots

The shift is a period in time which the timetable is effective. Events would be the assigned period and time slots is the time span which a period is active in the timetable. There are no limits to the number of shifts, events and time slots; accept for the number of hours in a day.

Creating the timetable

When the shifts, events and time slots are created, the calendar is designed by dragging and dropping events into a day in the timetable.