system health

The System Health Module tracks the processes that need to be in place in order to allow for the efficient running of your school. The processes of the current year are set up and the activities of each term assessed and managed. The processes that sum up the year are also tracked, as well as those that prepare your school for the next year. In addition, missing information allows one to improve and maintain the overall health of your system by determining what information is missing.

Preparation for the current year
Term management
Ending off the year's activities
Preparation for the next year
Missing student info
Missing staff info

Setting up the system

A clear indication of the progress in completing the data input. The system health module shows errors and inconsistencies with staff information, student information as well as back ground tasks and active machines at the time of the system check.

Missing information

The system health issues like missing information is handled by presentation of a quick overview of related information.


The tasks window reveal any background tasks that are active at the time of the enquiry.