subject class

The Subject Class Module handles the setting up of subject classes and the allocation of students and teachers to these classes. Timetables can be set up, class registration taken and calendar events, such as class outings, diarized.

Setup subject classes
Graphical view of class (showing student photos)
Simple drag and drop functionality - drag and drop students in and out of the class and as well as within the class
Automatically fill classes
Student attendance
Set up tuition times
Diarize class events (such as class outings)

Set up subject class

The SGL rule (subject, grade, level) applies when making students available to subject classes

Subject class list

A list view of students allocated to the subject class. The other view shows actual seating positions of students. Students that are not allocated tot he subject class will show in the 'Available' students list.

Subject class

Display of students position in the classroom and their photographs showing their first name, surname and student number. Another tab (in the same location) displays the students in list form showing a valuable array of details relating to each student.