The Student Module handles the entering of student particulars and the configuration of student settings and aptitudes. An extensive amount of information, both past and present, can be captured.

Student settings (student body settings and how student numbers are generated)
Student aptitudes and their degree of association with subjects (includes chart)
Personal details, including personality profile and nature of student
Individual student aptitudes and the degree of talent (includes chart)
Medical details (both public and confidential)
The details of emergency and medical aid companies and medical practitioners
Subjects currently taken, previously taken and subject wish list
Sports currently taken, previously taken and sports wish list
Awards received from this school and externally
Student misdemeanors
Guardian and spouse of guardian details
Can make a responsible student a user of TS School
Student personal timetable
Financier details
School services to which student subscribe


Detailed information about the student is stored in the student module. This forms the hub of all the students past, current happenings and future plans.

Students marks

Marks are found in the examination module but with TS School a quick access to students performance from the student module makes for rapid results.

Student details

On every window is a visible printer button for immediate access to detailed information on the related module. The student module printout shows the necessary student information.