own reports

The Own Reports Module handles the production of reports for managerial and administrative purposes. Report designer allows for page size, margin setting and footer and header templates. Only those with the correct rights have access to the various reports.

Customize reports as you wish
Report permissions based on screen access
All reports allow for refresh, change and generate
Help per report

Set up own reports

Report settings like margins and paper size is initially required. A template design provides a footer and a header with fields to import into the report. Saving time with all your future report writing.

Create own reports

The report writer is enabled the fields will pertain to the required module. Drag and drop into the body and generate the report. This secures the fields and changes can be made like positioning and decoration. The report writer should enable the inclusion of pictures or school the school motto.

Own reports

Refresh data or change data at any time. The template is ready for printing.