The Financial Module allows you to handle all the school's financial concerns with ease.

Creating and working with administration classes
Graphical view of class, showing student photos
Simple drag and drop functionality
Automatically fill classes
Student attendance
Schedule class events, such as class outings
Automatic assignment of students to subject classes
Chart of accounts
School services and subscriptions
Invoice students and record payments. Age analyses (statements)
Invoice debtors and record payments. Age analyses (statements)
Pay creditors. Age analyses (statements)
Statements (Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet)

Student invoices

The invoice print takes just two clicks, but first set up the financial module to achieve best results. Distribution of invoices using the messaging module is popular. Downloading of online invoices is even more popular.


After the invoice is processed that makes available a matching statement print. Sending statements using the messaging module or posting them online could never be easier.

Financial statements

The journal, ledger and financial year end records are easy to work with and require little effort to balance. Printer options for every document type within the financial module.