The Calendar Module allows you to organize the activities of the school, form classes, subject classes and the various sporting teams within each their respective calendars. School terms and holidays can also be set up.

School calendar - activities to be taken by the entire school
Form class, subject class, dormitory and team (sports, athletics, gymnastics, swimming) calendars
The overall school calendar automatically merges with individual calendars
Set up school terms
Set up school holidays

School calendar

Items and events in the school calendar are presented in all other calendars. That will be the student, staff, team, administration class and subject class plus dorm calendars.

The calendar

While all calendars show school events, each group creates their own events that do not fit into the school calendar. Only the group who is hosting an item or event shown in their own calendar will gain access to the calendar item.

Calendar printout

All school events that are in the calendar are shown in a report. A Gregorian calendar is delivered with the software. All signficant public holidays shown too. Calendars are printed through the reports module