administration class

The Administration Class Module handles the setting up of administration classes and the allocation of students and class administrators to these classes. Class registration can be taken and calendar events, such as class outings scheduled.

Creating and working with administration classes
Graphical view of class, showing student photos
Simple drag and drop functionality
Automatically fill classes
Student attendance
Schedule class events, such as class outings
Automatic assignment of students to subject classes

Setup administration class

The placing of a student to be available for allocation to a class is based on the criterion of age, grade and level.

Administration class

The administration class module is powered to display the subject classes it is associated with and the attendance register plus the class calendar. The printer button allows for on the spot printing of related information.

Administration class list

Display of students position in the classroom and their photographs showing their first name, surname and student number. Another tab (in the same location) displays the students in list form showing a valuable array of details relating to each student.