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We, at Time Software, are constantly on the lookout for resellers of TS School. Such a person acts independently and sells TS School at his or her own price. All we ask is that the reseller pay us half the price that we are selling TS School for at the time of sale. The reseller program ensures that you are assisted in all areas of marketing, sales, training and assisting schools and prospective clients with day-to-day queries.

Become a reseller today and be a part of the growth of a world class brand!


Must haves

You must be a well-trained salesperson
You must be a TS School expert (you will be assessed on your knowledge)
It must be your full-time job to market and sell TS School (through advertisements, cold calling and visiting schools)
You must continously ensure that all your schools are happy by checking back with them on a regular basis
You must have you own website and link back to us



Charge schools your own price
Pay us only half of what we charge schools
Be your own boss
Sell at your own pace
Only once you have many sales for your area size, will you be eligable for exclusivity in that area.



Anyone in sales will tell you that it is not at all easy to succeed in selling, but it is possible. On average, for every 10 schools that you contact be prepared to get as little as 1 (it all depends on how persuasive, passionate and knowledgeable you are about your product as well as how networked, likeable and confident you are).

If you know you have what is takes to be a reseller then please email us at

+1 868 272 5037

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